There are four important aspects of person-centered care you should know.

  1. Get to know the “whole person.”
    Each person has a rich history, lifestyle, likes, dislikes, needs, and abilities. See the whole person and learn about that person—mind, body, heart, and spirit.
  2. Recognize that the person has the same human needs as you do.
    Try to think of someone living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia as more like you than different from you. See each person as a human being with human needs.
  3. Learn about and accept the person’s “sense of reality.”
    Try to understand how the person’s dementia affects how he or she sees and responds to the world.
  4. Think positive.
    Focus on the person’s remaining strengths and abilities. Be confident that by using a person-centered approach like the CARES® Approach you can make a difference—a big difference.

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